How to Repair Concrete Cracks and Keep it From Cracking

Cracks in concrete can dent the amazing looks of your home or office. If your concrete has shown signs of cracking, you will have to fix it. 

Not only do you have to repair cracks in concrete, but you will also have to keep it from cracking. 

As a matter of fact, fixing concrete cracks may seem like a difficult task. Is it really that difficult? You will find out in a jiffy. 

Tools used to repair concrete cracks 

  • Chisel 
  • Concrete repair mix
  • Protective gear (gloves and safety glasses)
  • Hammer 
  • Whisk broom 
  • Trowel 
  • Vacuum 
  • Sealer 

Steps to repair concrete cracks 

  1. Clean the wall or floor of the concrete crack 

Clean the cracked area before attempting to repair it. Endeavor to make sure that the concrete crack is not littered with dirt or oil.  

  1. Select your favourite concrete repair mix

In addition to getting the necessary tools, you will also have to select your favorite concrete repair product. Concrete is not used to repair cracked concrete surfaces. You need to get the best concrete repair mix to fix crack concrete.

Concrete repair products are sold both online and in local stores. Some of the notable concrete repair mixtures include patching materials, mortar mixes, and epoxy compounds

The mortar concrete repair product is effective in repairing large concrete cracks. In contrast, the other two concrete repair products are for concrete cracks that are about 1/8 inch wide. 

  1. Arrange the cracked space for repair 

To do this, you need to use a chisel and hammer. These two tools are required to hit any loose or cracked concrete. 

The next step is to hit the cracked concrete using the hammer to a distance of one inch and thereabout under the surface. Use water to wash the space thoroughly and remove any remaining particles of cracks. 

You also need gloves and protective glasses at this point.

  1. Applying concrete repair product 

First of all, if you want to repair a concrete crack of 1/8 inch wide, you will need to use either the latex or epoxy repair product. 

  • You need to get a putty knife or trowel
  • Then proceed to force it inside of the crack
  • Also, make the level as smooth as possible as the nearby concrete
  • Cover the patch with polyurethane to prevent cracks

Meanwhile, if you have a larger concrete crack, it is advisable to use the mortar concrete repair product. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Mix three sections of masonry sand, water, and Portland cement
  • The above should create a thick paste
  • Soak the cracked concrete with little water and put the mortar concrete repair mix with a trowel
  • Try to make the patch as smooth as possible as other close concrete. 
  • After two hours, close the repaired concrete with a plastic sheet 


Living in an area with cracked concrete cannot be so appealing. In fact, it makes the home look old and unattractive. 

Finally, repairing concrete cracks is easy if you follow the instructions above with the required tools.